YOU are a leader!

by sbraswell on Jan.30, 2012, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 YOU are not a normal person…you were not just put on this earth to just pay bills & get by!  You were wonderfully & masterfully created & you  were sent here for a definite purpose.  Purpose gives you passion and passion gives you an attitude of persistence & determination…and these are the qualities of a LEADER!  Leaders FOCUS on their goals!  NOTHING is more powerful than a leader that is focused!

YOU are a leader, but the problem is you are told by your educational system that you were meant to be an employee! This is simply NOT true!  You must tear down this false belief system because it is holding you back!  You were created for GREATNESS!  It is impossible for a leader to lose a job…leaders create crisis which creates opportunity! Leaders break through the barrier of negative circumstances.  Leaders embrace crisis because they realize that CRISIS is the greatest creator of OPPORTUNITY, because it forces CHANGE.  Change is YOUR best friend!  Leaders are created by CHANGE & CRISIS!!!  This is WHY this economic crisis we’re in is EXCITING!!!  You should be jumping for joy right now because the greater the crisis the greater the opportunity!  Did you know that 22 of the 30 companies that make up the Dow Jones Industrial Average were started during a recession?  Both Disney & Microsoft were created during a recession!  How awesome is that!  You see…it all ties into your belief system.  What do YOU believe to be true?  So many of us were raised in the dinosaur period of thinking…the Industrial Age thinking which is now rapidly becoming  extinct.  That is…get good grades, get a good job with security and benefits and retire in 40 years with a secure pension & SS.  In other words, get paid a salary so someone else can tell you what your time & talent is worth. Work for someone else’s dreams & goals!  THANK GOD this age is ending! We are now in the wonderful Age of Information & the crisis we are in is breeding that strong entrepreneurial spirit this great country was founded on!  Crisis forces us to get out of our comfort zones, get creative & find that PURPOSE for our lives!  Unless we are squeezed our flesh gets lazy and complacent & we will not find our PURPOSE.  And without knowing our purpose we will never find our passion which will fuel us to fulfill our dreams! 

Thank God for Thomas Edison & his purpose which fueled his persistence & determination. (failed 2,999 times before he invented electricity).  If not…you & I would be sitting in the dark right now!Leaders understand this & use this time to build great wealth for their families & future generations.  There has NEVER been a better time in history to GO FOR IT!!!  Look at all of our great leaders of history…Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandela…these leaders were all created by Crisis & Change!  RIGHT NOW…YOU are on your way to becoming a GREAT LEADER!!!  Say it & you’ll start believing it, and when you BELIEVE it you will ACHIEVE IT! 

Doing nothing is NOT an option.  Do not use the economy as your excuse…YOU are the economy!  It is the LEADERS like YOU in this world that is going to turn things around.  Please understand this…government’s don’t change economies…PEOPLE DO!  Think about it…when God made the 1st man he never gave him a chair to sit in.  He hid it in the trees and he wanted man to be creative and a master of ingenuity.  Your future, my friends, is between your ears!

 A true leader can transform a loser into a winner…an elephant into a lion…a chicken into an eagle. An army of sheep led by a lion will always defeat an army  of lions led by a sheep.  Your success in networking doesn’t depend on your people but your LEADERSHIP!  Our creator identifies Himself with two animals…the EAGLE because he has VISION and the LION because he has Courage & Confidence.  Courage is the KEY to the lion’s confidence.  Your success in this business will depend on your VISION & your ATTITUDE!  Think about this…the lion is NOT the heaviest, tallest, largest, most intelligent or the most powerful animal in the jungle, but he is unquestionably the KING!  Why? Because LEADERSHIP in the jungle depends on ATTITUDE and the lion has an ATTITUDE!Leadership is 80% attitude & 20% technical skills. If you wanna be successful in ANYTHING in life you must have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  Your attitude determines your altitude in life!

The lion BELIEVES he can eat the giraffe…he BELIEVES he can eat the elephant!  Remember this…YOU CANNOT LIVE BEYOND YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM!  Until your belief system changes your attitude cannot!  So many people wonder to themselves…”How do I have a positive attitude?” You begin by changing your belief system.  If the lion did not believe he could eat the giraffe he could not, if he didn’t believe he was King of the Jungle…he wouldn’t be!  To change your belief system you must READ good books, LISTEN to positive CD’s, & surround yourself with positive people going up in life.  You must turn off that TV & stop filling your mind with junk!  You must feed yourself NEW IDEAS to expand your limited thinking. The only boundaries in your life are those that you have set for yourself by your limited belief system!

 The way you see something is the way you act toward it.  Your attitude interprets your world. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is that of David & Goliath.  Everyone else said that Goliath was too big to kill…but David said…he is too big to miss!  And kill him he did with a small rock and a slingshot. See the difference in David’s mindset and his thinking?!  Do you think like David or like the critics of the world?  We must have a David way of thinking with regard to our business & our economy.  How YOU think about it & how you see it is how it is to you! Proverbs 23:7 says…as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.  In other words, you are what you have been conditioned to think.  Change your belief system…and you will change your attitude and your attitude is what determines your future!

 Yesterday after church we went to Lowe’s to pick up some things Kent needed for his office.  We ran into an old friend we hadn’t seen in well over a year.  He is in his 50’s and had worked for the same company for over 20+ yrs when he was unexpectedly laid off.  We knew he had been looking for a job for over 2 yrs and had gotten very frustrated and depressed over his financial situation.  But yesterday he was grinning from ear to ear.  The situation had forced him out of his comfort zone into his “creative” zone & had come up with an idea that Kent is going to help him patent.  Just think…if he had not been laid off he would never have had the incentive to step out and create something of his own.  Crisis is the breeding ground for opportunity!I  leave you today with this message…YOU ARE A LEADER!  YOU HAVE A PURPOSE!  YOU WERE CREATED FOR GREATNESS!!! 

 We believe in YOU!  We love YOU!  Have a great day!


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Slaying the Dragon of WORRY…

by sbraswell on Jan.26, 2012, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 Are you a worrier?  Do you spend many hours of your day in worry?

 What is the definition of “worry”?  It means to torment oneself with disturbing thoughts, to feel uneasy, anxious or troubled, to seize by the throat; to choke or strangle.  Worry can make you sick. It can cause stomach problems, ulcers, colon problems, headaches, nervous tension, stress (which is linked to cancer), loss of focus and memory loss.

Worry is making a down payment of a problem you may never have.  Worry says “I can handle it God, I don’t need you.”  Worry is a complete, useless waste of time.  It NEVER solves your problem. Did you realize that worry is actually a sin?  It comes from Satan.  When you worry you are in living in fear and fear comes from Satan.  Faith comes from God.  Fear is Satan’s access point into your life.  Whatever you fear the most you will bring into your life.  DO NOT FEAR!  DO NOT WORRY!  Worry only torments and tortures you.

Don’t say “I’m a worrier.”  Say instead “I have peace, I have power.”  When we worry we really think we can solve our own problems…but God wants us to lean on Him.  You already have PEACE…God has placed it on the inside of you and all you have to do is RELEASE it!  Worry is NOT from God and it blocks his power from working in your life. Where there PEACE there is POWER! 

 What does God say about worry?  What does He tell us we should do?

 God is very clear on how he feels about worry and tells us what we should do in Matthew 6: 25-32, 33-34. 

25 “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? 26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27 Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life[a]?

   28 “And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. 29 Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these. 30 If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will he not much more clothe you—you of little faith? 31 So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ 32 For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them. 33 But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Reasons YOU should NOT worry:

1)   Worry is Inconsistent.  Jesus clearly tells us in verse 25 NOT TO WORRY.  If Jesus has provided your greatest needs don’t you think he’ll provide your lesser needs?  You already have evidence of God’s goodness to you by the very life you are living right now.

2)   Worry is Irrational.  In verse 26 Jesus tells us that if God provides for the birds of the air and YOU are much more valuable To Him…doesn’t it make sense that he’ll provide for YOU

3)   Worry is Ineffective.  Worry does not add one day to your life.  It doesn’t do any good. (v. 26). Worry doesn’t rob tomorrow of its sorrow but robs today of its strength. 

4)    Worry is Illogical.  Just look around at nature & recognize that if God cares this much for the lilies of the field does it not make sense he would care much more for you…after all, he gave his son for YOU!

5)   Worry is Irreligious.  When we worry we forget WHO WE ARE.  It is not Christian or “religious” to worry.  Worrying is acting like God is unable to care for you.  Does this mean we don’t have temporary worries?  Of course not.  We all have issues in life that concern us and will cause us to temporarily “visit” worry.  But we shouldn’t STAY in worry.  We shouldn’t make it a lifestyle and permanently move onto “Worry” Street.  Worrying is dwelling on the future that you don’t have any control over and spending all of your energies on what “might” happen so tomorrow you don’t have any energy to deal with the issues of the day.

 How do you deal with WORRY?

1)      To win over worry you need a SYSTEM OF PRIORITIES in your life. (Matthew 6:33). Much of the worry that destroys people is the worry of a divided heart.  A divided heart is one that can’t decide for what it is going to live.  It gets caught up in the trinkets & material issues of the day.  Jesus says to avoid worry you must get a system of priorities in order…set down what you really believe and what you’re really committed to.  The very first thing on our list should be to seek the Kingdom of God. Make this the core of who you are…at the very heart of who you are.  When you make God the focus of your pursuits then you can enter into life with exuberance and no worry because when you take care of the big issue God takes care of the rest.

2)      Need a Strategic Program.  We need to learn how to live each day.  “No man sank under the burden of today.”  Do not dwell on tomorrow.  We have to learn to take one day at a time because God gives us the strength to handle each day.  This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for tomorrow…it simply means we shouldn’t “worry” about tomorrow.    

3)      Do not dwell on Yesterdays.  Yesterday is gone.  You can’t undo a done thing. 

Three things people worry about: (yesterday)

1)  Yesterday’s sins.  Forgive yourself.  Once you ask God to forgive you he has forgotten it.  Put your sins where they   belong…behind you.

2)  Yesterday’s successes.  Put them behind you. You can’t live for today when you’re stuck in yesterday.

3)  Yesterday’s sorrows.  Sorrow can’t be forever…needs to be left behind. 

 Live for TODAY!  “There was once a man regretting his past and fearing his future. He heard God say to Him…my name is I AM.  If you live in the past I am not there.  My name is not “I WAS”. And if you live in the future it will be very hard because my name is not “I WILL BE” but if you live in the present it is not hard for my name is I AM.”  God is your God of today.  Let God meet your needs today my friend.  To live this life without worry in our past and our future we need Jesus.

The 7 most important words for people who worry:  “Don’t worry about anything.  Pray about everything.”

You are never too young or too old to reprogram your mind from worry to faith.  Our 9 yr. old was born with a very sensitive spirit and a bent for “worry.”  We are teaching her these skills and we see her transforming her young mind right before our very eyes.  Now when she faces a challenge rather than scrunching up her little forehead and getting into worry & anxiety she has the tools to slay the dragon of “worry.” She will come from a long day at school, smiling from ear to ear & say… “I slayed another dragon today mom.” 

Our wish for YOU my friend is that you slay YOUR dragon of worry!  May God fill your life with peace, joy & abundance!

Have a great day!


More scriptures on worry:  Psalm 50:15, Psalm 55:22, 1 Peter 5:7 (a great one for kids), Philippians 4:6-7

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Happiness is FORGIVENESS…

by sbraswell on Jan.12, 2012, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 So many people today want to be happy but so few are.  One of the key secrets to being happy is through forgiveness.  God clearly tells “forgive and you shall be forgiven”. (Mark 11:25-26). Although most of us know this on an intellectual level most people do not “practice” forgiveness in their everyday lives.  Most of us are holding stubbornly to wrongs that have been done to us.  We are clenching tightly to the resentments and hurts of days past.  We accuse others for the bitterness and anger that fuels our resentment and hate.  It is instinctual to strike back and seek revenge when we feel hurt, rejected, abused, betrayed or abandoned.  We all have a carnal nature that wants to hold onto the resentment forever.  Many times when we hear that we must forgive in order to be forgiven we are puzzled & somewhat frustrated. “But you don’t know what they’ve done to me” you say. This is because we are looking at “forgiveness” in the wrong way.  Forgiveness is NOT saying what the other person did to you is just or okay…it is a GIFT to yourself, a release, an awesome blessing that will release the hurt and pain.  It is the only thing that can heal your hurt and pain.  Christ tells us that not only CAN we forgive others but it is an absolute condition for receiving forgiveness for our own sins and shortcomings.  Forgiveness is the KEY unlocks the door of resentment and breaks the chain of hate. It is the power that destroys the root of bitterness & the shackles of selfishness.

 It is so easy to react according to our emotions when we have been hurt.  It is Satan’s desire to keep us estranged from one another so that he can run out the time clock of our lives and our impact in this world would be minimal.  People react to wrongs in different ways.  Some people simply ignore the wrong & in doing so convince themselves that they have “forgiven” it.  But then later they wonder why the hurt and pain do not go away.  This is not true forgiveness.  Sometimes we refuse to forgive people out of pride or we feel that the wrong was just too great to  forgive.  Or we feel that before we forgive they need to learn a lesson.  Or we may have been too hurt to consider forgiving them.  If we feel like this then we are allowing our pride get in our way of forgiveness. However, God is very clear on this subject and does not make any allowances for unforgiveness.  If anyone in the history of this world had a reason to be unforgiving it was the apostle Paul.  He endured so much hurt during his life on earth.  He tells us that we need to in the forgiving business.  “It is far better to forgive than harbor resentment or hate” says Paul.

 How do we forgive?  Like Christ forgave which is immediately (Matthew 5:23-24).  When we are praying to God but we are feuding with one another God does not hear our prayers. (1 Peter 3:7).  Jesus forgave instantly and totally. From the mind and the heart, in word & in deed, we should say, “I forgive…I forgive everyone who has hurt or wronged me.” We should forgive and then forget the wrongs…only remembering the lesson learned.  We must keep in mind WHY the blood of Christ was shed …”for the forgiveness of sins. (Matthew 26:28).  Each one of us has hurt someone else.  Each of us have done things we have needed to be forgiven for.  When you refuse to forgive you will be turned over to the tormentors of anger, bitterness and resentment.  Angry people hold negative emotions which cause higher rates of disease in their bodies.  They are tormented inside.  We need to let it GO!!!

 How many people do you have in an emotional prison because YOU were offended?  Look deeply inside the mirror of your soul and ask yourself…”Is there someone in my life that has hurt me, abandoned me, betrayed, abused me, rejected me or has lied about me that I have never forgiven”?  It is important for you to know that you don’t have to “feel” like forgiving someone to actually forgive them.  You simply pray that God starts the healing process in you so that the cancer of unforgiveness inside of you goes away. Are you willing to forgive that person today?  Pray that God will give you the willingness to forgive.

 I share this message with you today because I know the destructive power of unforgiveness all too well.  There was a person that hurt me as a child so deeply that I never thought it possible to forgive them.  For many years the bitterness, anger & pain had wedged so deeply into my heart that its crippling poison affected every aspect of my life…my personal relationships, my business & my relationship with God.  It was only after I asked God to help me to forgive and to remove the pain that I began to heal.

 So many people are walking around today in turmoil.  They are frantically racing through life frustrated, bitter and angry with no understanding of unforgiveness and how it imprisons them & steals their joy and peace.  Unforgiveness is the single most popular poison that Satan uses against you!  When you choose to FORGIVE my friends you release God to vindicate your hurts and pain.  And believe me He can do a much better job than you can.  He is a just God and He not only vindicates you but He restores and gives you back MORE than you have lost!  When you forgive others it releases Him to forgive you & bless you!  Plus, it feels so, so good to just let it all go! Just LET IT GO my friend!  Release it!  Holding onto it is the hard part!  When you choose not to forgive you not hurting the person that hurt you…the only person you are hurting is yourself!  And this is why God tells you to forgive immediately because He doesn’t want you hurting yourself because he loves YOU! He loves YOU my friend…so very, very much!  

It is true that forgiveness does not come naturally nor is it easy to do.  When it becomes habitual and practiced daily it glorifies God & sweetens our life and releases us from the captivity of pains and hurts.  Yes, people can and will hurt you and many times the offender isn’t sorry but the good news is that Christ lives in you and with His help YOU CAN forgive!  YOU must prepare your heart every single day to forgive because each day people will give you an opportunity to hold onto a hurt, a grudge or a wrongdoing.  Just think my friend…if Jesus, who did not sin even once, could forgive others…including those who tortured and killed him without remorse…surely we who have sinned and do sin can learn to forgive those who sin against us.  No matter what has happened to you in the past you can do it!

Forgive and you shall be forgiven!

 Have a great day!

 We love you!  We believe in you!


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Determination is a POWERHOUSE!

by sbraswell on Jan.11, 2012, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 Determined people can accomplish anything & everything!  You have to find that place deep inside you…that place in your midnight hour with tears streaming down you face, where you say “I will not give up!”   I will not give up on my dream, I will not give up on the people I love, I will not give up on my marriage, my children, my business…my life!  Many people fail simply because they are not relentless.  God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him and are relentless!  He looks for people with a determined spirit to reward. You can’t feel sorry for yourself and be determined at the same time.  You can’t be pitiful and powerful at the same time!  You have to stop feeling sorry for yourself about things in your life that have not turned out exactly the way you wanted them to.  You’ve got to be DETERMINED!  What is the difference between people who have a few minor setbacks and obstacles and quickly give up versus those who go through unbelievable adverity and still stand strong?  It’s their determination.  It’s the DECISION only YOU can make for yourself…& it’s deep down inside of YOU!

 I was listening to Joyce Meyer today and she was telling the story of how she used to go to bed at night and say these very powerful words…”Someday I’m going to do something great.”  If you know Joyce’s history that might have seemed very unrealistic.  She was sexually & verbally abused by her father for many years and a victim of a very negative, dysfunctional home.  But there was something deep down inside her that said…”Someday I WILL do something great.”  Alone, scared & confused…without realizing the impact these words would have on her future…she was speaking greatness into her life.  Over & over God continually shows us the power of our words to change our lives.

And when we change our lives…we change the lives of future generations!  Yes…your life impacts not only you but your children’s children. We have a responsibility to many people we’ll never know to stay DETERMINED & fulfill God’s great plan for our life! The power of life & death are indeed…in the tongue!  Now look at Joyce… she has one of the largest ministries in the world!  And it all started many years ago with the life changing words that came out deep down inside of an innocent child. WOW!!!  Without knowing it she was laying the groundwork for greatness in her life! You speak it…you BECOME it! How inspiring is that!  This will work for YOU too!  God is NO discriminator of people…what he will do for her He will do for YOU! Will we fail along the way?  Sure we will!  Failure is part of EVERY success!  How many babies do you know who come “walking” out of the womb?  They will fall many times before they will ever learn to walk…falling is just part of the process!

How do you let go of past failure?  Realizing that EVERYONE fails. Don’t sink down into self pity as if you are the only person that’s ever failed.  There is a big difference in saying…”I’ve failed” & “I’m a failure.” It’s not the failure that causes the problem but HOW you perceive the failure.  When you fail you have two choices…  You can “learn” from the failure or you can “leave” your failure.  If you leave it you’ll never stay long enough to learn from it.   John Maxwell says…We impress people with our success…we impact people with our failure. We must take responsibility for who we are and what happens in our lives.  We must acknowledge past mistakes, strive to correct them & develop new disciplines for our future.  When you’re secure enough in the Lord that you can admit that you come up short and realize He unconditionally loves you…you can then move on. 

 You must OWN your DREAM!  What does this mean?  You don’t wash and wax a rental car.  Why?  Because it’s not yours!  You must OWN your dream!  You gotta be willing to bet on yourself. Why should anyone else bet on you when you’re unwilling to bet on yourself?  When people make excuses they don’t OWN their dream!  Quitting is NOT an option when you OWN your DREAM!   Don’t just live with a “just get by” attitude.  Aggressively & actively ASK God to abundantly bless you.  He is NOT a “just get by” God…He is the God of MORE THAN ENOUGH!  Be grateful for what you have, always ASK for God’s blessings & EXPECT Him to give them to you!

 Be DETERMINED!  YOU are a POWERHOUSE! People are seeking YOU out to join your business!  God is showing favor on you as I write this email!

 Speak it!  Believe it!  Expect it!  Receive it!

 We love you!  We believe in you! 


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Are you persistent?

by sbraswell on Jan.09, 2012, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 Persistence overcomes resistance.  There is nothing lukewarm or half-hearted about persistence.  It’s bold.  It’s daring.  It’s fearless.  Persistence knows no such thing as “no”…it just keeps on going.  It doesn’t hesitate.  It doesn’t look over its shoulder at yesterday’s mistakes.  Persistence is not manipulated by the lie that you need everyone’s approval to be successful.  You absolutely do NOT need everyone’s approval to be successful!  Moses didn’t have it & he was a great success.  David didn’t have it and he was the greatest king Israel ever had.  Daniel didn’t have it.  Jesus didn’t have it as we know the Roman empire crucified Him.  The truth is this…if you don’t have IT you don’t NEED it!  If you have God, His word, & His faith you can achieve the impossible, because nothing is impossible to those who believe. (Mark 9:23). 

 Persistence is a divine fire that burns in your bones and in your belly with a white hot intensity that hell or high water can’t put out.  St. Paul was the apostle of persistence.  Think about what Paul went through…beatings, slander, prison, false accusations, stoning, hunger, abandonment & ridicule.  His back was a roadmap of scars, he was betrayed by friends, shipwrecked and left for dead & bound in chains while being led from prison to prison.  Even after all of his hardship Paul writes…”these light afflictions are not worthy even to be mentioned concerning the glory God has prepared for those who love Him.”  Paul is a great example to all of us that even though we may be pressed on every side we are NOT crushed, we may be struck down but we’re NOT knocked out & life may have thrown us some curve balls but we are still standing and we will continue to stand and fight the good fight of faith. We must remember that God promises us that persistence WILL always overcome resistance!

 Maybe you’ve been knocked flat on your back by a tragedy, a sickness or an unexpected crisis or circumstance that is not of your making and you are down & discouraged.  Please know this my friend…Jesus is coming your way & He is saying…”GET UP! Get up & dust yourself off.  Falling down does not make you a failure.  Only staying that way does.  Get back in the race.  Fight back.  You WILL triumph!  You are a child of God & YOU WILL OVERCOME!”

 Think back on your life and reflect on a time in which YOU were persistent.  Use that same mindset with the obstacles you are facing today.  Know that Jesus is with you…lean on Him, depend on Him & rely on Him.  The greatest comfort Kent & I have had these past 4 yrs is knowing that we were not alone.  Our faith has sustained us and given us great strength, peace & joy DURING the storm. 

 We are in an industry that requires us to be persistent.  We will face ridicule, rejection and many “no’s” along the way.  Resistance is simply a part of growth.  Just as our muscles must be torn down in order to rebuild and grow stronger so must our character.  Much of what this industry embraces is personal growth and development.  This industry teaches “servitude”.  It teaches us to put other’s interests and needs above our own. It teaches us that by helping others we help ourselves.  Is it any wonder that we face a daily onslaught of rejection and ridicule?  We live in a world that embraces & encourages just the opposite.  The world we live and work in celebrates self centeredness, selfishness & self reliance.  The problem with the world’s definition of “success” is that it’s all about one’s SELF.  God’s definition centers around loving & helping OTHERS.  Therefore, PERSISTENCE is a requirement to succeed in network marketing and it a requirement to achieve true success in life.  Our attitude must be that no matter how tough things become we will press on, move forward & we WILL OVERCOME!  Your obstacles may be big my friend but God is bigger!  He is bigger than any mountain you will ever climb!  When you choose to stand up & fight back you WILL OVERCOME!  Persistence ALWAYS overcomes resistance!  

 Have a great day!


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Peace in the Storm…

by sbraswell on Dec.07, 2011, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

How do you keep your joy & peace in the midst of a storm?

 Most of the things we spend our time on won’t last 50 yrs from now…much less 500 years from now.  The storm clarifies what your priorities are and shows you what is valuable in your life.  Maybe this is why God has recently allowed a storm to come into your life.  It’s so easy for us to start sailing in the wrong direction and start focusing on the wrong things.  We tend to fixate and focus on things in our lives that are not valuable.  Ask someone who has just been through a major illness, tragedy or loss and they will tell you that it has made them re-evaluate their priorities and refocus on what’s truly important in their life.

 The most valuable things in life are NOT things.  It is our relationship with God and people that count.  So many times we love things and use people instead of loving people and using things.  I think this is a good part of the reason a stigma exists with the industry of network marketing.  People believe that network marketers are more interested in the “money” than they are in serving people. While this may be true in some instances I do not think that the majority of veteran network marketers are this way. You will simply not survive in this industry long term & experience true success if you are only focused on yourself and your own needs.  People very quickly see through people who are self serving. To be successful in life period you must be outwardly focused…fixated on other people’s needs and NOT your own.  This is one of the primary lessons Jesus taught us while he was on this earth.  He demonstrated for us first hand what it was like to live a life focused on serving other people. 

 It is in the storm that God clarifies our priorities.  What are YOU focused on?  What are YOU fixating on?  This will determine if you will have peace in the storm.  You can’t plan, control, predict or prevent the storms but you can choose WHO you focus on in the storm and that is your anchor Jesus Christ.  It all comes down to what you’re focused on. Isaiah 26:3 says…”You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, whose thoughts are fixed on you.”  You lose your peace when you trust and focus on anything but God.  All of these other things can be washed away or taken away in an instant. Paul had a strange and unexplainable peace in the storm because he had the anchor of God’s priorities.  Secondly, he had the anchor of God’s protection.  Maybe you can’t see God in the storm clouds but He can see YOU!  Don’t depend on HOW you feel during the storm. Your feelings are fickle and they can change like the wind.  As a believer God is ALWAYS with you…whether you FEEL his presence of not.  It has often been said that one of God’s greatest presents is His presence!  Stop praying that God be with you…start THANKING him that He is with you & that He is taking you to the other side!

 When you are a believer God places a hedge of protection around you.  Satan is constantly shooting his fiery arrows at you and God is always protecting you but sometimes God allows one of these fiery arrows to penetrate his wall.   Why does he allow this?  For your own good!  You simply couldn’t see the hundreds of other arrows that He didn’t allow through but only the one who got through, but you can rest assured it is for your ultimate good. Do not fear the storm but embrace the good things it will ultimately bring to your life.  There is only one thing for you to be afraid of while on this earth and that is a wasted life…a life of wasted opportunities.  When worried thoughts come into your mind you can choose to “worry” and dwell on them or you can give them to God.  As soon as the negative thought enters your mind cast it down and thank God for guarding your mind and solving the problem.  Don’t worry about anything & pray about everything!  If you are a worrier you will make a GREAT prayer warrior!

 Please know one thing my friend…God has a great plan for YOUR life!  The storm that is blowing in your life right now will not blow away God’s purpose for your life.  You can choose to feel sorry for yourself or you can choose to believe God’s purpose for your life.  His purpose for your life cannot be blown away!  You can count on God’s promises because God cannot lie! God has given us 7,000 promises in the Bible.  When you’re going through a storm open up His book and claim these promises. When Jesus left this earth he left us His peace (John 14:27).  We don’t have to pray for peace…we simply have to CLAIM it and thank Jesus for it…we already have it!  We already have what we need inside of us to have joy & peace during the storm. 

 So if you’re in the middle of a storm right now make sure you are focused on God.  Rather than staring at your circumstances and glancing at God…glance at your circumstances & stare at God.  With Him ALL things are possible my friends!

And this upcoming year is YOUR year to shine!  2012 is a special year for YOU!  It is a year that promises prosperity, joy & peace!  Speak it, believe it & claim it!

 We love you!  God Bless You!


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What do you really WANT?

by sbraswell on Dec.06, 2011, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation


 Two weeks ago our pastor spoke on the subject of happiness and brought a perspective that I have been mulling around in my brain ever since.  It struck a cord so deep that I felt inspired to share it with you, especially on a Holiday that is wrapped around the pursuit of “happiness.”

 What do we all really WANT?  We all just want to be happy right?  We spend our whole lives running around the block chasing this thing called “happiness.”  Intellectually, we know that money doesn’t buy happiness but we keep living as if it does.  Our society continually sends us messages that we’re not yet whole and happy.  We “need” something else, we “need” more, more & yet more to be happy.

We’re constantly bombarded by savvy marketers telling us that we’re not quite good enough.  They’re constantly taunting us with the notion that “happiness” lies just beyond the next corner…just beyond the next purchase.  As a nation we have become desperately needy. We say… “If only I was that” or “if only I had that” THEN I could be happy. It has been built into the core of who we are as a nation.  A well known phrase in our founding documents is “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”  This is one of the most influential phrases in the history of our country and tells us we have the freedom and the right to pursue happiness.

 What do you think Jesus thinks about happiness?  Jesus’ first public words are “blessed.”  Blessed is translated to mean happy.  Over and over again in the scriptures we are warned NOT to chase our cheap desires…money, sexuality, food, etc.  Jesus tells us that we are MORE than our desires.  He tells us that we already have what we need to be happy.  Paul is a great example of this in the Bible. 

For many years Paul spent his life persecuting Christians.  He later became a voice for the long awaited Messiah.  Every town Paul went into to preach the gospel he ended up in prison.  From prison he writes two-thirds of the New Testament.  Think about this…waste deep in raw, filthy rotting sewage Paul writes some of the most amazing scriptures in the Bible.  Paul said that he learned that his happiness was NOT determined by his circumstances. Happiness has no cause.  True happiness is uncaused.  It’s buried beneath your anger, grievances and bitterness.  Very seldom does Jesus change your circumstances.  He is trying to awaken something in you that should have been awakened all along.  You CAN be content without your circumstances being perfect.  Paul learned this in a stinky prison cell.  Regardless of your circumstances right now YOU have NOT lost your meaning in life.  You can still have JOY because Jesus has already placed it inside of you. 

 Some of us live on a roller coaster our whole life because we don’t understand true happiness. We’re so used to thinking happiness comes from “outside” of us. We think this because the world in which we live has deeply programmed it into us.  We’re so used to being controlled by other people and thinking that other people control OUR emotions.  We often hear ourselves saying…”he just makes me so mad” or “she just ruined my day.”  Joy and happiness are an inside job.  Happiness is not our fleeting nature…it is WHO God made us to be.  There are many lies that we’re told by society about our happiness.  Here are just a few:

 1)          My happiness is in someone else’s hands.  This is an anxiety ridden lie. 

2)          My happiness is in some other circumstances. 

3)          My happiness is in the future.  “Next year I’ll be happy.”  Society tells us that you must add on to be happy but Jesus tells us that happiness is realized when you strip away and realize what life is all about.  People are astounded when they travel to a third world country and see how happy people are.

 Happiness is our default.  Jesus is trying to help us discover that it has been there all along.   Are you defending your right to be unhappy?  Are you creating happiness or are you burying it?   Paul was taught by Jesus this deep mystery…that there is a way to be happy without any circumstances being changed.  Jesus is trying to save us from pursuing happiness.  It is inside of us through Him who makes us whole.  When we find ourselves on this treadmill of pursuit we need to pause and take inventory of what Jesus said.  We need to meditate on it.  There is great comfort and great power in knowing that if nothing changed in our lives we could still choose to be happy and have joy.

It is so easy to get caught up in the “buy, buy, buy” mode of Christmas and overspend and stress yourself out with the pursuit of “more.”  We must make a conscious effort to pause and realize what this Season is truly about.  It is about the ultimate gift.  It is about God loving us so much that He gave his only Son for our sins.  That alone should make us very “happy.”   Often all it takes for us to be “happy” is to change our perspective and outlook on life.  And we do this by changing our thoughts & meditating on all of the things God has already done for us.  

 We are the happiest when we are “giving” because we are made in the image of our Father and HE is the ultimate giver. When we realize that we are NOT entitled to anything on this earth and that everything we own and possess are gifts from God we open our hearts to gratitude and gratitude is the gateway to humility.  We must understand that God has already given us everything we need to be happy my friends.  We already have it!  We don’t have to pursuit it!  Simply knowing this will give you so much peace and joy.

 Thank you for your friendship over the past four years.  Kent & I are so grateful to have you in our lives.  We love you!  Enjoy your Holidays!  God Bless You!


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Truth or Lies?

by sbraswell on Dec.06, 2011, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 Most of the unhappiness we have in our lives, in our families & in our marriages is because of lies we believe about ourselves.  Lies breed uncertainty, insecurity, fear & frustration.  There are many lies that we tell ourselves.

Lie #1)  I must be perfect.  These are the “superachievers” of the world.  They have unrealistically high expectations & standards they have set for themselves.  No one can meet these standards!  These are Type A Superman/woman personality types.  These perfectionistic people hang onto their high standards because they are saturated with insecurity and inferiority because they place their worth in “what” they do. They are very difficult to be around & very difficult to live with.  I know this personality type well because this was “me” for many years.  It’s why I didn’t get married until I was 34 years old.  My standards were so high NO ONE could meet them…especially me.  I tried to gain approval through what I did. All of my worth & value came from my career, my success in the business world. 

Is this you?  There’s a difference in being the best & DOING your best.  You can do anything you want to do but you can’t do EVERYTHING you want to do.  You can’t be a great doctor and a great lawyer and golf like Tiger Woods.  You can do one thing really well but you can’t do everything well.  Find out what YOU do well & DO that!  And be happy with who you are.  Do your best & forget it.  The apostle Paul said it best…”stop comparing yourselves among yourselves.”  You don’t have value because of what you do but because of “whose” you are.  YOU are special, unique, one of a kind because God made YOU!  YOU are His son or daughter & because of this YOU have great value!  It took me most of my adult life to understand this one simple concept.  For those of you struggling with this concept I strongly recommend reading a book entitled entitled…Unmerited Favor by Joseph Prince.

 The second lie we tell ourselves is…I must have everyone’s approval.  We are addicted to the approval of others. Did you know that the Bible says…”beware when all men speak well of you.”  Look at all of the great men of the Bible…Moses didn’t have everyone’s approval.  Jesus didn’t have everyone’s approval and He was perfect!  He was even crucified by His own people.  Jesus was a pastor of 12 people and he lost 3 of them.  He lost 25% of his ministry at the end of 3 ½ years.  Judas sold Him for the price of a prostitute, Peter cursed Him and denied knowing him and Thomas doubted Him until the very end.  It was enough to drive a sane person crazy!  So when you look at your downline and you say…”why have so many people clicked off? My own family isn’t supporting me.”   You now have your answer.  Just as Jesus had to undergo rejection and betrayal so we will have to do the same if we are to have real victory in our lives.

How do you think Jesus responded to their betrayal & rejection?  This is SO inspiring & SO AWESOME…. He said…”Be of good cheer because I have overcome the world.”  The message is clear my friends…DO NOT LET THE FOOLISH OPINIONS OF OTHERS CONCERN YOU!”

 The third lie we tell ourselves is…”It’s easier to ignore problems than to face them.”   This is a common lie in today’s troubled world.  This lie makes you an escapist.  Do you live your life dodging your problems until you are trapped into a corner”?  The way to solve this is to attack the problem.  Reach out and grab the 1st problem you’re facing & rip its head off.  Face it head on.  Remember…you are NOT alone!  When you accept Jesus Christ as your savior He lives INSIDE of you & He has already conquered the world for you.  Does this take the pressure off or what?  I know that by myself I can’t tackle all of my problems but with Christ I can conquer ANYTHING!  I know this because God tells me I can!  And the one thing that is impossible for God to do is to lie!

 John Hagee says…Problems are GOOD!  Problems reveal the power of God!

How can you know God as a provider unless you have a need?

How can you know God as a healer unless you’ve been sick?

How can you know God is a giant killer unless you’ve encountered a giant in your life?

 Conflicts are the birth of insanity.  John believes that the tendency to avoid problems is the primary reason for mental illness.  If you run away from your problems long enough they will drive you crazy.  The solution is to stop running.

You don’t have to fear that you can’t solve the problem. Alone you can’t but with Him YOU CAN!  All you have to to do is BELIEVE in Him! God gives you problems to sharpen your wits, put steal in your spine and fire in your belly!  Your problems are God’s gift to drive you to the next level of excellence.  If you have a problem…GOOD!!!!  Look it as an opportunity to be promoted!  Change your perspective!

 We encourage each of you to start your day with God. When we give God the very first part of our day He blesses the rest.  He can do more with an hour than you can do in a lifetime.  This is the best life advice & business advice I can give to you.  When you look at your life & ask yourself…”What does it mean?”  “Why am I here”?  “What is my purpose?  All of these questions God will answer for you if you’ll just spend time with Him.  Start today… He’s calling your name!

 God Bless You!  We love you! 


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True Greatness…

by sbraswell on Dec.06, 2011, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 What is true greatness?  Is it being famous?  Is it having lots of money?  Is it being powerful?

That is what the world we live in tells us. The message resonates loud & clear through advertisements & images we see and hear each day.  It tells us that we’re not good enough…we’re not smart enough, we’re not educated enough, we’re not talented enough, we’re not strong enough, we’re not good looking enough, we’re not young enough…we’re just never ENOUGH!  “But that keeps us competitive & reaching for more” many people say. No!  It does the opposite.  It creates a sea of people pleasers.

It fills us with fears of inferiority, insecurity & depression. It keeps us from feeling good about ourselves and sharing ourselves with the world. We are so busy comparing ourselves to others & reaching inward that we never take the time to appreciate what God gave us & look outward. Instead we become completely self involved & self absorbed. It’s a lie from the enemy in an attempt to steal your confidence & power. Plus, Satan knows that you can never achieve true greatness if you are selfish & are focused only on yourself. True Greatness comes from serving others and you will never do this if you define greatness by the world’s standards. You will never do this if you feel badly about yourself. It’s absolutely exhausting & completely impossible to live up to the world’s standard of “greatness.”  That’s why so many of us become “posers.”  We have our true self that only we and God can see and we have our “poser” self that we project to the world.  We’re not living authentic lives but “posing” for what we think the world expects us to be.

 How radically different would our world be if we saw ourselves the way God sees us?  How does he see “me” you ask?

The Bible says YOU are masterfully & wonderfully created!  YES…I am talking to YOU!  YOU were no mistake!  He knew the number of hairs on your head BEFORE you were ever conceived!  How’s that for LOVE!  I know I love my children deeply but I couldn’t tell you how many hairs are on their heads.  He tells you that YOU are MORE than enough!  Who are YOU believing?  God or the world?  Most of us grew up believing the lies of the world.  We formed our opinions & beliefs about ourselves based what other people said about us.  We based it on the world’s view of us.

We based in on the lies Satan whispered in our ears as young children.  I know because I did this for most of my life.  I overcompensated for these feelings of insecurity and inadequacy through achievements at school and in my professional life.  I received my worth & value through what the world said about me…NOT what God said about me.  I’m not saying that it is wrong to seek success and have nice things.  God wants more than anything for YOU to be successful and have an abundance of material things.  He just wants you to understand that you should own things and not allow them to own you.  He wants you to understand that YOUR worth & value comes from Him!  The world’s opinion means NOTHING!  YOU are a child of God & that makes YOU special!

 Our greatness does not come from what we do, what we have, what we achieve but from WHOSE we are.  Your greatness comes from knowing who you are in Christ and that God made YOU!  The master of this great universe wanted YOU here and has a great plan for your future!  He loved you so much that He gave his only son for you. YOU are great just as you are!  Has anyone ever told you that?  You don’t have to try to achieve some worldly idea of greatness! Nobody will ever love YOU like He does.  Once you truly understand His love for you…you will want to love and serve others because this is the heart of God.  And that’s what I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about this business of networking. It embraces these ideas & transforms your heart.  It shows you the love God has for you.  Once you truly GET this you WANT to serve people.  You’re not doing it just to make money and the rewards. You may start out that way…the lure of the money, the trips & the recognition is a powerful fleshly enticement. But as your heart transforms you realize that the true “joy” of the business is HOW you feel when you help someone.  How awesome it is when you get a call from a person saying how grateful they are to you for introducing this product and/or business to them.  Do you know WHY this is?  Because YOU my friend were made in the image of God and you have a piece of His heart inside of YOU!  He designed you to GIVE!

And once you become a GIVER God opens the Heavens of Abundance for you!  And then you can own all of the material things of this world & they won’t own you!  How awesome is that!

 What does it mean to serve?  Jesus demonstrated it for us when He knelt down on the floor & washed His disciples feet.  In Biblical times, people wore sandals and their feet were very dirty from walking through the streets. This was not a task the disciples would expect Jesus, King of Kings, to be doing.  They were shocked & moved by this act of humility and servitude. By washing their feet Jesus represented HOW we are to live.  The only way you can have a relationship with someone is to serve them.  If you have children I know that you understand what I’m saying. “Serving” is a hallmark of parenting.  We start serving our children from birth. We feed them, change their diapers, rock them to sleep…we tend to their every need.  As parents we never stop serving our children.  It’s the “serving” that creates that strong bond between parent & child.  By serving we show that person how much we appreciate them.  It breaks down the pride in us.  By serving we are saying to them…”you are a part of me & I am a part of you.”

 How often do we help people we don’t know?  How many times do we wash a stranger’s feet?

For that matter, how many times do we wash the feet of our own family?  How many times do we do nice things for each other just because we love them?  Sometimes, it’s easier to do things for strangers what we won’t do for our families, isnt’ it?   The main thing that sours a marriage is when people stop doing the little things for one another…giving compliments, showing affection, stop helping each other out. They stop washing each other’s feet!  They stop thinking that those little things are important.  They are too busy listening to that selfish voice that screams from the bottom of their soul…”what about ME”?   The serving then stops & the ugly monster of selfishness rears his ugly head. 

Ask yourself this question…”Do I see helping others as a divine opportunity from God or is it an unwanted interruption in my plan”?  To sum it all up my friends…there is only ONE pathway to greatness & that’s through SERVING OTHERS!  Jesus set this example for us over 2,000 years ago & nothing has changed!  God will take care of ALL of our needs when we take the time to put OTHERS first! 

 Have a great day!  We love YOU!  We believe in YOU!


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Do you take Care of Yourself?

by sbraswell on Nov.14, 2011, under Building Your Team, Inspiration and Motivation

 Are you at the bottom of your list?

How many people do YOU take care of?  Are YOU even ON your list? 

 If YOU don’t take care of yourself you will get to the point that you can’t take care of other people.  Or if you do you’ll do it with a poor attitude.  It is NOT selfish to take care of yourself.  Temperance (discipline/self control) is true self love.  If you don’t love and value yourself you don’t value what God has created.  It is as much your duty to take care of yourself as it is to take care of others.  Our flesh tends to go overboard & out of balance in this area.  We either become totally self-absorbed or we forget ourselves and never do anything for ourselves.  The goal is to find balance in your life.  Somewhere in your life YOU have to be in it.  Matthew 22:37 says the most important commandment in the Bible is to love God with all of your heart, mind and soul.  The second commandment is to love others  AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF. The Bible is all about relationships.   God had given us responsibility in three relationships…with God, with people & with ourselves.  If you don’t love yourself it’s not possible for you to love others, because you cannot give away what you don’t have.  For years, Joyce Meyer said she so desperately wanted to be a loving person and for years she failed miserably. Why did she fail? She did not love herself.  For years Joyce was sexually abused by her father and did not know how to love herself in a healthy way.  What kind of relationship do you have with yourself?  Do you like yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you value yourself? Do you respect yourself?  Do you meet your valid needs without feeling guilty about it?

 The devil doesn’t want you to enjoy yourself.  Jesus died so you could HAVE & ENJOY your life (John 10:10).  We’re not here on this planet just to take up space and breathe.  God wants us to enjoy ourselves and each other.  God created fun.  He created laughter and joy.  Satan is the one who created misery, wretchedness, depression, sadness, despair, anger and unforgiveness.  You cannot enjoy life if you don’t enjoy yourself.  Learn to love how God created YOU.  If you ignore your own needs you will end up miserable.  Stop giving someone else the job of keeping you happy!  Stop focusing on what others don’t do for you & focus on what they DO!  Your life will change dramatically when you CHOOSE to make yourself happy…in a balanced way.  When we get tired, frustrated & start singing the “what about me” song it is time to take responsibility for our own happiness.  I know as a busy mom I often put myself last on that list and at the end of the day I am one grumpy woman.  Whose fault is that?  It is mine!

Sometimes we could do something for ourselves but we’re so used to grumbling & complaining about how busy & being a “martyr” that we just don’t do it.  Joyce said that she had been living such a “self sacrificing” spiritual life that by the time God had gotten this message to her there was nothing she enjoyed.  In other words, she had worked so long for other people she didn’t know WHAT to DO!  She hadn’t developed any interests outside of her work!  Know anyone like this?

We also try to ENTERTAIN ourselves rather than simply ENJOY ourselves.  It’s not about taking that big fancy vacation but about finding the SIMPLE things you enjoy.  There are SO many things that remind us of God if we’ll just take the time to notice them. Did you notice that beautiful blue bird singing right outside your house this am?  When is the last time you took the time to take a leisurely walk with a friend?  It is important that you surround yourself with people you can LEARN from…people who challenge you to come up higher.  Also, when you put smiles on other people’s faces it puts a smile on yours.

 You will do a better job of taking care of others if you keep yourself strong and healthy.  We need to be healthy in all of the areas of our lives…spirit, soul & body.  To ignore one is to neglect them all.  God wants you to be filled with JOY & PEACE.

Take time today to ENJOY yourself.  Take a walk, get a nice cup of coffee, go to the gym…whatever it is that gives you joy.

 God Bless You!  We love you!


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